Saturday, April 19, 2014

THIS WEBSITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Please bear with us while we build a beautiful, alternative fuels website! Check back with us soon for loads of information on driving free from fosil fuels. 

In the mean time, you can check our our work on to dicover how to best fuel your body!


About Pegasus

We drive a Ford F-350 on waste vegetable oil - garbage - that we pick up for free at Asian restaurants. To date we have driven this truck over 60,000 miles on vegetable oil (a distance of 2 times around the earth) with great success and no hiccups. Why are we not doing this on a larger scale? To the right is an interview David did in the summer of 2005, when California gas prices were over $5.00/gallon.

Also check out our Epic raw food/vegetable oil video at right that we filmed in Bakersfield, California. On that trip, we drove 2,300 miles without seeing a gas station or vegetable oil stop, then filled up with free oil and drove back to Arizona for a 3,000 mile trip all on vegetable-based fuels.



Pegasus The Vegetable Oil Truck on CBS


Epic Vegetable Oil and Wild Grape Harvest


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